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AVORE holds a yearly meeting, convening for three days.  The meeting will host a guest speaker presenting a new surgical device, procedure or diagnostic tool for at least one of the sessions.  The agenda includes attendee presentations and may be followed by hands-on lab experience. 


The goal of each meeting is to stimulate vigorous, open and honest interaction from multiple sources and to share viewpoints regarding orthopedic topics.  All attendees are therefore encouraged to come prepared to present a short topic and to participate in the discussions that follow.  Unusual and/or complicated clinical cases, new or modified technique developments, equipment information, orthopedic tips, queries for help or a presentation of a research project and those results are all acceptable topics.  While formal presentations are not required, organized thoughts help the meetings proceed efficiently.  Computer presentations have become the standard.

The number of participants is limited allowing us to maintain the interactive nature of these meetings.  Therefore, pre-registration is required.

The networking potential that develops from these meeting is an important benefit that is frequently utilized between meetings.

Research projects and studies in the field of veterinary orthopedic surgery can be presented to the AVORE group for funding consideration.

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